Bob Beattie Ski Foundation Mission

Bob Beattie 64 Olympics


Bring happiness through our work in skiing.

We are focused on three fundamental pillars.

  1. Advocates for the head-to-head format of ski racing developed by Bob Beattie.  More dual racing will make skiing more fun, improve people’s skiing, develop ski racers, and expand ski racing fandom.  Among our actions is delivering pro horse-race style starting gates to ski clubs, and investing in a new World Pro Ski Tour.
  2. Preserve and Promote the history of World Pro Skiing and the legacy of Bob Beattie.  Respect and Celebrate ski racing’s history as a means to support its future, and that of the athletes who benefit from it. Our current action is the production of a documentary on the late Spider Sabich, a two-time World Pro Champion.  Other actions include museum installations, Hall of Fame nominations, World Pro Skiing Reunion, a celebration for the 50th anniversary of the FIS World Cup.
  3. Support Kids on Skis. Provide the means to help kids get on skis regardless of economic circumstance. Among our actions are awarding scholarships. We mentor elite level racers to leverage their unique skills and character traits as they transition to making world class contributions to society.


The Bob Beattie Ski Foundation envisions the dual racing format being the primary ski racing format at all levels.  We believe head-to-head racing is more fun for participants, more friendly for ski resorts to host, and more entertaining for spectators.  We further believe this will develop more and better ski racers, along with growing the sport’s fan following. Together, we can elevate the sport and bring more happiness to people.

Bob Beattie
world pro cup ski racing


We communicate with organizations at the heart of decision-making along the arc of the skiing experience, advocating the merits of head-to-head racing.   That begins with kids having opportunities to race their friends on an equal (free racing) playing field as those who romp  in terrain parks.  To bring happiness we also pride ourselves in organizing fun events where people connect. We act to protect and promote the sport, as we are currently doing with the production underway on the story of the late Spider Sabich, a World Cup winner, National Champion, and two-time World Pro champion who was murdered at age 31, and who we nominated to the national ski Hall of Fame.  We identify ways to make an impact on happiness, and we act on it, just as we have in raising funds to build horse race style starting gates to grant to ski clubs providing free access to race.  A total volunteer organization, every dollar we raise (which is tax deductible) is deployed on our missions.