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Spider Sabich Documentary in Production to Celebrate His Induction into Skiing’s Hall of Fame. Be part of it!

Spider Sabich ski race legend

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* Bob Beattie Ski Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization.  EIN 45-3161592

Join the Bob Beattie Ski Foundation to help bring Spider’s life into focus through the words of his friends, including visions of him past and future…and more.

Current Campaign

Donations for production of Spider Sabich, the untold story of a real life super hero, can be made here on this website (see below). This is a community event in which we welcome all friends and fans of Spider Sabich to participate, each donor’s name being part of the closing credits of a documentary that will live forever. Covid has postponed Spider’s induction, but we are racing forward to create and share this documentary this spring, coinciding with the original induction date.

Bob Beattie Ski Foundation

BBSF is a non-profit organization devoted to promote the history of pro dual racing and Bob Beattie’s passion to build the sport, including broad access to skiing for children. The board of directors represent the very best in character and leadership, each one a spokesperson for the pursuit of happiness through skiing. Our board has held mentoring sessions with young racers, organized festivals to celebrate the sport, granted pro starting gates to ski clubs, invested in a new pro tour, and helped programs provide scholarships so all kids can join their friends on the slopes.

We welcome you to join us in these endeavors through your generous tax-deductible giving to our 501(c)3 foundation.

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