Pro Ski Tour Revitalization2019-06-11T10:17:40-07:00

Beattie Foundation Invites Donations to Fund Rebuilding Pro Ski Tour.

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* Bob Beattie Ski Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization.  EIN 45-3161592

The Bob Beattie Ski Foundation is proud to organize support for the revitalization of pro ski racing through an investment in the new tour launching next winter.  We invite you to be part of it with us.  Through July 31, 2019, money donated to BBSF (which you can do below) will be a lump sum investment in the World Pro Ski Tour, a recently established Llc. organized to rebuild head-to-head pro racing in the image of its creator Bob Beattie.

Bob Beattie Ski Foundation

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