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Beattie Foundation Invites Donations to Fund Rebuilding Pro Ski Tour.

Retro Ski Racer

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* Bob Beattie Ski Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization.  EIN 45-3161592

Ski racing is fun on any size hill and can quantifiably improve technique.  The fun-factor elevates when racing side-by-side against family and friends.  The Bob Beattie Ski Foundation makes advocacy for parallel racing one of its pillars to grow the sport.  We promote access to ski racing be on par with terrain parks, free and open.

To facilitate more people ski racing BBSF is currently granting professional horse-race type starting gates to ski organizations.  Please join our campaign and help the sport of ski racing and skier’s access to it.

Bob Beattie Ski Foundation

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