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Spider Sabich Documentary— Now in Production!

Play a part celebrating Spider’s induction into the US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame.

Spider Sabich AspenJoin the Bob Beattie Ski Foundation in helping commemorate Spider’s life and career in film, through historic stills and video, Spider’s own words and the words, memories and stories of his closest friends, competitors and teammates.  The film promises to present a new view of Spider, the remarkably charismatic man, World Cup winner, Pro champion, and ski racing icon, including new revelations about his life, and an uplifting ending involving his enduring legacy.

Covid may have postponed Spider’s long-overdue induction into the US Ski Hall of Fame, but BBSF is racing forward to the finish, to create and share this extraordinary documentary by his original induction date, this spring.

Donations for: Spider Sabich, The Untold Story of a Skiing Super Hero, can be made by clicking the “Donate” tab above. Your tax-deductible contribution will help us procure historic footage, film personal interviews, and weave the storylines into an uplifting commemoration. We welcome all friends and fans of Spider Sabich to participate in this global ski community effort. Each donor’s name will live forever in the documentary’s scroll of closing credits, sure to be a Who’s Who of the ski world, then and now.

Want to know more about the skiing legend Spider Sabich, click here?


Join us in supporting the production of this documentary of Spider Sabich and join the closing credit scroll of friends and fans who have made Spider’s story come to life.

The Bob Beattie Legacy

Womens ski race world pro tourBob Beattie was ski racing’s biggest fan. He created the US Ski Team, co-created ski racing’s World Cup Tour, popularized NASTAR, and founded the head-to-head World Pro Skiing Tour. Of them all, Bob thought dual racing best among equals because it is easy to set-up on hills of any size, and for the benefits enjoyed by any skier, anywhere, for minimal cost.

The Bob Beattie Ski Foundation (BBSF) is honoring Bob’s memory and legacy by advocating for dual racing as one of the pillars of a mission to grow and strengthen the sport overall. Our vision is to see the dual format flourish at ski areas everywhere, with racing as popular and accessible as terrain parks—similarly free and without inhibiting waivers—sparking an explosion in participation.

A key part of our vision is the Horse Gate Start: a system in which two doors per skier, set closely side by side, fling open simultaneously to start the duel! A set of these professional- quality gates, replete with descending lights and electronic timing, cost around $10,000 apiece to manufacture, and BBSF raises funds each year to provide them to programs which are committed to building grassroots participation in the sport.

Join Our Team

Bob was all about team, and ours can’t do it without you. Here’s the math: My donation + your donation + our friends’ donations = more gates supplied to more programs. And that means more skiers turned onto the sport, affordably.

Help us honor Bob’s legacy by expanding ski racing across the country, igniting tomorrow’s great skiers, building character, and bringing more fun to the ski experience at every level. We are making needed change happen, and that’s what Bob Beattie was about. Thank you in advance for your support!

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  • The Bob Beattie Ski Foundation advocates for expanding affordable access to skiing and ski racing.
  • We seek to help athletes leverage their unique skills and character traits by connecting athletes to business opportunities and mentors.
  • BBSF is dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of head-to-head ski racing, especially the short but highly influential heritage of the World Pro Skiing Tour.
  • We champion head-to-head racing as a primary form of ski racing at all levels.
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